Chelsa and Dana are sisters and Work At Home Moms who earn full time salaries, working part time. They are dedicated to motivate and guide families to achieve great health and wealth through Young Living Essential Oils. Chelsa and Dana frequently teach classes globally, host informative webinars, and support others to grow their own successful home-based business to increase their cash flow.

Motivated Families Mission

Our mission is to guide people on a journey of abundant health and wealth. Team Motivated Families has achieved great success with Young Living Essential Oils. Below you will find testimonials with our top Leaders. Our goal is for you to achieve your dreams and desires through Young Living.

Chelsa Bruno

Chelsa Bruno is a wife and mom of 3 young children. Just 5 years ago, Chelsa was working part-time as a Physical Therapist and earning approximately $1,000 per month.  She had to juggle her predetermined work schedule with her children’s schedule. Bills started piling up and her husband had to work 2-3 jobs for them to barely get by.  Fast-forward 5 years, Chelsa is a retired Physical Therapist that now earns a six figure income and works with thousands of people around the world. Chelsa was honored to have her Young Living journey featured in an Essential Oil Magazine in 2016. Chelsa and her husband can attend their sons’ school events and sporting games with no work scheduling issues.

Dana Ripepe

Dana Ripepe is a wife and mom of 2 young children. In October 2011, Dana had her first baby and was only able to stay home with him for the first 3 months. She went back to work full time as a kindergarten teacher. It was the most difficult time of her life to leave her baby every day. The guilt she felt each day pulled at her heart. Dana had told her husband that she needs to make a change and be able to work from home. By the time she had her daughter in 2014, Dana had a strong networking team and earned a full time income working part time from home!  She was able to retire from teaching, work from home, and raise her two children. Dana has successfully built a facebook community of over 15,000 people that helped propel her business quickly. She focuses on healthy living, healthy nutrition and staying fit. Dana has achieved her ideal weight by using Young Living’s products and shares this knowledge with others.

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Dana's Family

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