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As the Founders of Motivated Families, Chelsa and Dana are sisters and Work At Home Moms who earn full time salaries, working part time.  They are dedicated to motivate and guide families to achieve great health and wealth through Young Living Essential Oils.  They are members of AIRASE, The Association for the International Research of Aromatic Science and Education.  Chelsa and Dana frequently teach classes globally, host informative webinars, and support others to grow their own successful home-based business to increase their cash flow.  They enjoy continuing their holistic education by attending Young Living’s School of Nature’s Remedies.

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We believe in the topical, aromatic, and dietary benefits of essential oils and have found Young Living Essential Oils to be the highest quality of any available essential oil due to the proprietary Seed to Seal process used to create each Young Living product. They do not stop at oils. All Young Living products; household cleaners, nutritional supplements, meal replacements, drinks, etc, are held to the highest standard of quality and simply have no comparison.

Ditch & Switch Series

Learn how to Ditch the Chemicals in your Home and Switch to Nature with Young Living! Check out our Ditch & Switch Video Series!

Fun Easy Recipes

This booklet contains over 40 fun easy recipes which require only the essential oils in the Premium Starter Kit. There’s recipes for roll-ons, sprays, scrubs, bath salts, food, drinks, and more.

Be inspired to open your starter kit and dive into creating chemical free recipes for yourself and your family.

Blog Articles

Our Blog Articles are perfect for aromatherapy, skin and hair care, DIY recipes, natural cleaning formulas, soap making, and so much more.

Financial Freedom With Young Living

We’ve been helping people achieve their dreams by offering transformative essential oil products, generous and flexible business opportunities, and a supportive network of fellow Young Living members. The path that we offer to wellness and financial independence is unparalleled.


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